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IMPACT Student Ministry consists of 6th-12th graders from all walks of life. We understand the pressure and influence these students have and endeavor so see our students "impacted" and having an "impact" on the world around them. With this being the mission, our students are learn about missions, evangelism, Biblical theology, and how to engage the culture; while at the same time having fun with games and eventful trips, but our main focus is digging into scripture and living on mission for the Gospel. Our students gather weekly in our Student Center on Wednesdays at 6:30pm and enjoy seasonal and special events at other times.

At the current time Philadelphia is partnering with a ministry called Student Ministry Architects (SMA), part of Youth Commission International (YCI), as we continue to expand and grow this crucial area of the churches ministry.

SMA will be integral in improving our current Student Ministry, and in assisting our church

in finding a new Youth Pastor when the time is right.

Below is our Winter/Spring 2023 Schedule

PBC Fall Calendar 2022 4x6.png
PBC Fall Calendar 2022 4x6 (1).png
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