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Sunday School



Sunday School is an important part of the disciplemaking process at Philadelphia Baptist Church, as participation in it significantly increases our ability to connect with God and other people. Each class has 3-primary points of emphasis: fellowship, prayer, & Bible study. For more information, ask any church leader, or stop by the S.S. Office in the Education Wing.    


Kid’s S.S. Groups


Nursery (Education Wing) 

Birth to 2-Years Old


Growers (Education Wing) 

3-Years Old to Kindergarten


Learners (Education Wing) 

1st - 3rd Grade


Searchers (Downstairs Below Sanctuary) 

4th to 5th Grade


Middle School (Student Center) 

6th to 8th Grade


High School (Student Center) 

9th to 12th Grade

Adult S.S. Groups


Adults-1 (Downstairs Below Sanctuary)

Adults of All Ages


Adults-2 (Downstairs Below Sanctuary)

Adults All Ages  


Men-1 (Education Wing)

Men All Ages


Women-1 (Education Wing)

Women All Ages


Women-2 (Education Wing)

Women All Ages

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