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The Purpose:

M.ens Fellowship

O.pportunities For Service

M.entoring Relationships

Upcoming Dates:

Facilitation Team Meeting & Men's Bible Study:

Sunday, January 7th at 4:00 in the Conference Room.

Baptist Men's Day: Sunday, January 28th Men's Breakfast 8:30am in the Fellowship Hall & dedicated Service in the Sanctuary 10:30am.

The Men on Mission ministry at Philadelphia was born out of what was historically known as Baptist Men, and is one of the primary ways in which Philadelphia Baptist Church participates in our local mission field. The ministry is led by a Facilitation Team consisting of approximately 10-men who seek to facilitate all the men at Philadelphia serving Christ together by serving others. The Facilitation Team meets on the 1st Sunday of each month to plan and pray together. The planning and prayer center upon an ongoing monthly rotation where on the 2nd Saturday of each month the men of the church are alternately given a fellowship or service opportunity.


Every other month the men of Philadelphia enjoy as part of the Men on Mission ministry a Fellowship Breakfast, that includes a special speaker, and is a platform for announcing the next month’s Mission Project. Both the Fellowship Breakfast and Mission Projects take place alternately on the 2nd Saturday of each month. Mission Projects include both skilled and unskilled labor, and target needs in the community/church, and often function in support of local parachurch ministries. 


Our Men on Mission ministry has as one of its priorities involving younger men and boys (often the sons and grandsons of men in the church) by encouraging their participation in the Fellowship and Missions events, with the goal of facilitate mentoring relationships in the church and train-up the next generation (ie. the 2nd “M” in the M.O.M acrostic). The best way to learn more about Philadelphia’s Men on Mission ministry, or get involved personally, is to attend on the 2nd Saturday of any month, see the ministry in action first hand, and participate along with the other men of our church. Also note Philadelphia also has a Women on Mission ministry that functions in much the same format.

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